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Landscape Maintenance

Protect your Landscape with Maintenance Services from Northampton Gardens, Inc.

The value of a proper landscape maintenance program may not be realized until it’s too late, perhaps only when it’s necessary to replace some dead plants. Just like you would regularly maintain your car, you must also maintain your landscape and lawn.

We can help you by keeping your landscape healthy. Simply call: 215-766-2200 or send us an e-mail.

Weed Management

Weeds in your lawn as well as weeds in your landscape beds can be controlled either before or after they appear with the use of pre-emergence herbicides, or already existing, with post emergence herbicide applications. Herbicides are made selective so it is important to know the specific type of weed you need to control.

Insect Control

Timing is most important when using insecticides. These chemicals must be used in accordance with the life cycle of the specific pest. Great precaution should also be taken to not harm the environment when they are used. The best preventive insecticide we feel, is Merit. This can be deep root injected, usually along with fertilizer using special equipment, allowing systemic absorption and works its way through out the plant. By deep root injection the chemical goes right to the plant and not anywhere else. This will protect your tree or plant longer than any other type of application. Other insecticide treatments can be applied if you see an already existing problem.

Landscape Fertilization

Proper fertilization can greatly help your lawn, trees and shrubs. Next to watering, fertilization comes second in importance. Last year the Employees at Northampton Gardens Inc. graduated from an 8 week course from Penn State Ground Maintenance. There they learned the newly recommended fertilizer schedule, along with many other management programs.

Fungicide Applications

Applications of fungicides are usually determined by the weather. Great care must be taken when mixing these chemicals and again, proper timing is very important. Be especially aware of landscape material planted in damp areas or those with minimal sun exposures.

Tired of the constant mulching?

What is growing in your landscape mulch?

Artillery Fungus? Slime Mold ? Stink Horn Fungi ?

The Solution?

Let Northampton Gardens Inc. replace your landscape mulch with beautiful, long lasting ornamental stone.

There are a dozen attractive types of stone for you to choose from.

Download our brochure “What Is Growing in My Landscape Mulch?” for more information about the fungus growing in your mulch.

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