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Power-Saving LED Lighting

Northampton Gardens in embarking on a new way to see and feel about your landscape, we are going green!

Its time to reduce your carbon footprints. We at Northampton are now using Light Emitting Diodes, more commonly known as LED on our award-winning landscape designs.

Northampton offers a uniquely enlightened approach, expert installation and personalized customer service. Give us a call for your free estimate today, 215-766-2200.

Smart facts about LED’s

  • Long life span: LED lamps last 35,000 hours on average; that’s 30 times longer than incandescent, 25 times longer than halogen, and 10 times longer than compact fluorescent lamps.
  • High efficiency: Users of LED’s can lower their energy usage up to 70% compared with standard low-wattage halogen and incandescent lamps.
  • Green technology: LED’s produce no heat that can damage landscaping plants, nor do they emit harmful UV rays. LED’s do not contain hazardous mercury requiring special safety measures for disposal.

Choosing the right LED’s

There are many misconceptions about LED’s that usually stem from inferior products that flood the market. We can help you make an informed decision when it comes to finding a quality LED solution.

There are four main factors that you should consider:

  • Lumens (brightness)
  • Color temperature (3000K is a warmer color like halogen, while 5000K and up are a blue-white that is somewhat artificial-looking and undesirable)
  • Price
  • Life span

LED technology continues to improve, but the inexpensive LED’s tend to be low lumens, undesirable color and fail prematurely. We are here to educate you about the pro’s and con’s of choosing LED lighting.

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