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Pricing Guidelines For Northampton Gardens Inc.

Effective January 1st, 2008
These guidelines will remain in effect for the 2008 season unless there is a notification of a change in pricing.



New and existing work:

Philadelphia: Set labor rate at $50.00 per man hour
Bucks & Montgomery County: Set labor rate at $40.00 per man hour


Specialty services:

( Minimum 1 hr. billing)
Lawn sprinkler system: Set labor rate for technician to come to home and evaluate problem,and make repairs
First hour: Labor rate; $95.00/hr
Additional hours billed at $55.00/hr
*** materials billed extra

Low or high voltage landscape: Set labor rate for technician to come lighting system to home and evaluate problem and make repairs.
First hour: Labor rate; $95.00/hr
Additional hours billed at $55.00/hr
*** materials billed extra

Laborers for specialty services: Labors for specialty services will be billed at the rate of $40.00/man hour.


Machines with technician and fuel:

(Minimum 1hr. billing )

*Rototiller: $60.00/hour ( minimum charge to bring to job site $95.00 )
*Chainsaw: $55.00/hour ( No climbing )
*Bobcat: $75.00/hr ( minimum charge to bring to job site $225.00 )
*Any other equipment call for details


Residential Irrigation System Installation

( Turf Only )
NGI installs a system using hard PVC piping with glued fitting. All valves, with only few exceptions, will be located in valve boxes installed usually by the side of the house. NGI uses rainbird 5000 rotor heads and rainbird 1800 mister heads.
We recommend weathermatic electric valves.
Residential Systems: $125.00 to $150.00 per head
*** $2,400.00 Minimum Installation price (less than 1/4 acre)
*** Permits are billed extra


Landscape Drip Irrigation System

Minimum charge $500.00 when added to lawn sprinkler system.
Addition island beds or beds other then main are billed extra.
Plumbing issues:
Water sources such as wells, ponds, lakes, require booster pumps which will be additional costs and can NOT be determined until the system is designed.

Sleeves: (conduit pipe install under sidewalks for irritation/lighting lines
can pass through )
1″ sleeve (for irrigation and/or lighting): $10.00/per running foot
2″ sleeve (for irrigation and/or lighting): $13.50/per running foot
Sleeves installed under driveways: $40.00/per running foot


Basic Hardscaping Pricing

(Prices may vary do to specified site problems, soil factors, or accessibility.)

Northampton Gardens Inc. is an E. P Henry authorized contractor. During the installation NGI follows the specific installation guideline set forth by E P Henry.
NGI is ICPI certified as well.

Qualified technician – $75.00/per man hour
Qualified laborer – $40.00/per man hour


Hardscaping Installs:

Pavers: prices are for normal installations (Ex: level ground with minimum excavation).
For exact pricing a designer must visit the site and give a proper estimate.
If patio needs to be raised, if steps need to be built, if downspouts need to be extended, if there is a need to regrade around patio for water management, there will be additional charges.

Some Basic Costs For Installation:
Reg. brickstone & octa grande: $16.00/square foot
All Coventry pavers: $18.00/square foot
All the rest: $17.00/square foot
Devon stone: $22.00/square foot
Natural Pennsylvania Blue stone: $25.00/square foot
Natural Flagstone (butt jointed): $22.00/square foot
Basic brick: $14.00/square foot

Walls: prices are for normal installs ( level ground with minimum excavation).
For exact pricing a designer must visit the site and give a proper estimate.

Terrace Wall: $45.00/square face foot
Select, Mesa, Diamond Pro, Vertica, Mesa Walls: $55.00/square face foot
Coventry Single Face: $65.00/square face foot
Coventry Double Sided: $75.00/square face foot
Natural Fieldstone Walls (dry install): $75.00/square face foot
Natural Boulder Wall: $300.00/ ton

Other Hardscaping Installs:
Natural Belgium block (dry): $17.00/per running foot
Natural Belgium block ( wet/slump footing ): $22.00/per running foot
E P Henry edgestone (dry): $14.00/per running foot
edgestone (wet/slump footing): $18.00/per running foot
curbstone (dry): $16.00/per running foot
curbstone (wet/slump footing): $20.00/per running foot
Ornamental Stone and Landscape Fabric:
(tipple stone) $130.00/ton
(river jack) $150.00/ton


Landscape Maintenance

Spring Cleanup: $40.00/per man hour
Fall Cleanup: $40.00/per man hour
Weeding of landscape beds (hand pulling): $40.00/per man hour
Shovel edging of landscape beds: $40.00/per man hour
Trimming & Pruning: $40.00/per man hour
Technical Tree Pruning (Ladders & Ropes): $70.00/per man hour
Disposal of debris to authorized dump site: $50.00/per yard

Mulching of beds:
Triple shredded hardwood: $55.00/per yard installed
Dyed triple shredded hardwood (Black,Brown,Ceder): $68.50/per yard installed

Turf and Landscape bed Applications:
Granular fertilizer application: $125.00/acre (minimum 1/2 acre)
Pre-emergent Crabgrass: $150.00/acre (minimum 1/2 acre)
Post emergent Crabgrass: $250.00/ 1/2 acre
Grub Control: $325.00/acre (minimum 1/2 acre)
Surface Insect Control: $250.00/acre (minimum 1/2 acre)
Fungicide Application: $305.00/acre (minimum 1/2 acre)
Growth Regulator: $350.00/acre (minimum 1/4 acre)
Lime 50lb palletized: $10.00/ 50lb
Aeration: $0.015/square foot
Sod: $0.50/square foot
Slice Seeding (Del Val Mix): $0.05/square foot

Landscape Beds:
Pre-emergence herbicide (Snapshot): $0.25/square foot
Insecticide, Miticide, Fungicide: Technician Must See Problem
Deep Root Inject with Fertilizer: $10.00/gallon (Minimum 10gal)
Deep Root Injection with Merit Insecticide: $20.00/gallon (Minimum 10gal)
Application of Anti-desiccant: $20.00/gallon
Application of Horticultural Oil: $15.00/gallon

Mowing: including weed-wacking landscape beds and blowing of walkways and driveway: $70.00/per half acre/$110.00/per acre
Planting of Annuals: Price Based on Selection
Landscape Designs: Price Based on Project
Landscape Installation: Call For Estimate

We accept all major types of credit cards.

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